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POLICE: Three-year-old child left in SUV at Walmart for 40 mins

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Earlier today, Paris Police and EMS were called to the Walmart parking lot on Lamar Ave after people walking past a car noticed a child inside and raised the alarm.

“The windows were down far enough for an individual to reach in and unlock the door and retrieve the child.” Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley said in a statement.’

The child was taken inside the business for cooling while they awaited for officers to arrive. The 3-year old was sweaty but determined to have normal vital signs by EMS who were also called to the scene.

“Officers located the grand parents of the child finding that both grandparents had other grand children with them,” Hundley said.

“They had left the SUV and went different paths once inside the store. Both grandparents thought the other had the child,” he further stated.

Texas Department of Child Protective Services was called and an investigation has started by that agency along with the local police investigation as well.

“The child was released to their parents and appears to be okay at this time,” he said.

The air temperature at the time was recorded at 86 degrees which could have contributed to a 100+ temperature inside the vehicle. Video surveillance indicated the child was left alone in the SUV for approximately 40 minutes.

“We are looking at heat advisories for the next couple of days. Higher temperatures could have altered the outcome of this incident horribly. We remind everyone to check for sure anytime children are in a car and there are stops made,” Hundley urged locals.

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