by MyParisTexas

MyParisTexas.com, a 1st Street Media subsidiary, strives for 100% accuracy in its headlines, all the way to reporting process.

Information gathered through various means are carefully processed for each article written before it is released to the public. Rumors are identified and distinguished between fact and fiction to ensure confirmed information is relayed to our readers.

Prior to the writing process, sources and original sources to a story are always verified. If multiple news organizations report a piece of news, it is our priority to confirm a claim is 100% accurate.

Our reporters and journalists have a passion to report the news and feature stories to our community. Our goal is to provide the best, quality content we can for our readers. It is more than important for our team to research and be objective during any reporting and writing process. 

Even when it comes to feature stories focused on individuals, businesses or a community of people, we strive for 100% accuracy and objectivity.

For any needed correction or update requests, contact info@myparistexas.com.