by MyParisTexas


MyParisTexas.com strives for accurate and complete information. When a mistake is made and is verified, it is our priority to ensure it is corrected promptly. When a correction is made, clarification or an editor’s note, we will inform the readers of the corrected mistake.

Though it could be deemed unnecessary to place a note on an updated story, it is necessary and our obligation to state when a significant correction or clarification is made.


When our reporting is factually correct, but language used to explain facts is unclear or not as detailed as it should, it will be rewritten and a clarification note will be added. We will also add a clarification note when a comment or response is added to the story.


  • When we are made aware of an error, a comment on social media will be made where the story was posted stating a correction was made.
  • When information is published incorrectly on social media, MyParisTexas.com will correct the error on each account.
  • If incorrect information was sent out through our breaking news application, an updated message will follow informing readers of the error and include the accurate information.
  • Blaming of an individual reporter or editor will not be made. However, we may note the error was made due to production issues or because of incorrect information given to us by a trusted source.


It is our policy to not grant take-down requests, however if we are made aware of an inaccurate story, we are prepared to investigate and publish a correction. There are situations in which an update or follow-up coverage is needed on an ongoing story. This includes when someone is charged with a crime and the charges are dropped after the initial reported charge.

It is our duty to consider editorial action when a request to either take-down or unpublished an article, but the article will not be removed.

When publicly available personal data is published, we will then review a take-down or unpublished request if the individual is in any form of physical danger because of the published material.