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Texas Country Music stars #clearthelist in support of school teachers

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Teachers across the nation have begun a movement that has seen Facebook groups pop up and Twitter accounts go wild.

They are asking for help…they are asking for help to #clearthelists.

“I wanted to create a platform or a way for teachers to support other teachers. What better way to do this, teachers know what teachers need,” said Courtney Jones who started the group.

The Facebook group called “Support A Teacher – Teacher Gifting“ provides a place for school teachers and professionals to share their Classroom Wish Lists so that generous donors across the worlds can fulfill the item(s) on these lists.

Since June, the Facebook group has attracted over 42,000 members and more specific ‘county’ groups are beginning to pop up.

Groups like ‘Fannin County Amazon Teacher Wish List’, who at present have around 600 members and averages around 11 posts a day. 

The movement has also since caught the eye of several celebrities, including Texas country music stars like Casey Donahew and Josh Abbot who cleared several lists themselves and are encouraging people to help their local teachers. 

“Hey Fam! Every year, teachers are stuck with a huge bill for their classroom so we just #ClearedTheList for a few of them! If you’re a teacher and have an Amazon registry, or you know someone who does, please link below and we’ll try to share these and get them taken care of! Don’t worry how big or small, we’ll try to get everyone connected! If you wanna help, simply click on someones registry, add to cart and #SendIt,” said Abbott. 

“Fellow Texans, I need help to keep #clearthelists this problem is bigger then I can handle on my own! Donate now 100% of everything given goes to #clearthelists if you’re a teacher who has sent us your list, we won’t stop till we have you all cleared!,” Donahew said on his Twitter account. 

To further his campaign, Donahew started a GoFundMe page on Aug. 3 with a goal of raising $75,000 to buy supplies. More than $49,000 has already been donated.

Furthermore, teachers are making the most of being able to create classrooms that will inspire students of all year levels by posting before and after pictures with expressions like, ‘Government Funded, Teacher Funded’ to emphasize their need for help. 

Most teachers are also giving each other praise for helping out, with some expressing their almighty gratitude at slowly chipping away at their lists. 

Purchases don’t have to be huge, some who are on a budget and still want to help are telling their fellow teachers their budget and encouraging them to post so they can help pay it forward. 

Currently, there are no Amazon lists for Lamar County teachers but if you’d like to help feel free to contact your local school district or click here to search for Lamar County teachers.

Can you help #clearthelists ?

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