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Vandals tear up Blossom Baseball Fields

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Blossom residents and baseball fans were left devastated Monday evening after discovering vandals drove through the Blossom Baseball Fields leaving large ruts in the fields over the weekend.

President of the Blossom Baseball Association Ryan Gordon posted to Facebook Monday evening.

“To the person(s) who decided to take a ‘Sunday Drive’ on one of our baseball fields in Blossom this weekend, I’m sure our kids, coaches, parents, and fans truly appreciate the ruts that you left in the outfield! I know we sure do. It should make the field much easier to play on for our kids. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to any twisted ankles or other injuries to the players.”

Gordon believes it happened between the night of Friday, May 10th and Monday, May 13th.

“I’m leaning more towards after the rain Saturday because the tire tracks weren’t washed away.”

While there was damage to the fields, Gordon said it shouldn’t affect any games and is thankful one of the coaches volunteered to take his tractor to the fields to fix it.

If anyone has any info please feel free to call or text Ryan Gordon at 903-491-9146.

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