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Texas gas pumps will soon sport new TDLR stickers

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Protect the pump, protect your wallet!

Gas pumps across Texas will soon display new consumer information stickers to reflect the Fuel Metering and Quality Program’s new home: the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

 “The new stickers reflect our agency’s commitment to consumer protection and safety. We hope that this reminder that consumers, vendors, and TDLR are partners in protecting fuel pumps will resonate with everyone,” said TDLR Executive Director Brian Francis. “Motor fuels make the Texas economy prosper. We want to make the process as safe and secure as possible.”

The new design in the shape of Texas includes information about the amount of state and federal taxes charged for every gallon of fuel sold, as well as a telephone number and a QR code that consumers can use to file a complaint with TDLR regarding the quality or quantity of fuel that was sold. 

Consumers can also use the contact information to report possible credit card skimmer activity to TDLR.

The design also includes a cue to look for possible tampering with a pump that could indicate that a credit card skimmer may have been placed on the device – as well as a reminder to “Drive Friendly – the Texas way.” 

Senate Bill 2119 in the 86th Legislature moved oversight of the Fuel Metering and Quality program to TDLR from the Texas Department of Agriculture on Sept. 1, 2019. 

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