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Over 700lbs of meat donated to Downtown Food Pantry

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The Downtown Food Pantry recently received a donation of over 700 pounds of ground and pork breakfast sausage.

Bravo Cabins owners Marcus Morrison and Kenny Dority recently purchased a steer and hog at the Lamar County Junior Livestock Show and donated the animals to the food pantry.

“We serve 700 clients per week, so when we distribute these it will last 1 week,” said executive director Allan Hubbard. “Each client will get one pound of ground beef or pork breakfast sausage.”

Processing was paid for by Brumley Welding, Brian Brumley, Rickey Richardson of Mathews Nissan, and Paris Wal-Mart.

Hubbard said they purchase most all of their food from the North Texas Food Bank and beef is a rarity.

“Donations like this are important to provide additional proteins to make diets more varied nutritious for the 12,250 clients we serve each year.”

PHOTO: Brian Brumley is pictured with Downtown Food Pantry executive director Allan Hubbard with boxes of processed ground beef and sausage at Cobb’s Meat Processing in Sumner. 

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