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Local motocross racer places 4th in million dollar ‘Monster Energy Cup’ in Vegas

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Local Motocross racer, Ryder Floyd is living his dream. 

The former Chisum ISD student recently not only qualified for the million-dollar Monster Energy Cup in Vegas but he finished in fourth place. 

“It was a pretty awesome experience,” said Floyd, “this is one of the biggest events I’ve competed in and I worked really hard to get there.” 

Racing in front of 80,000 motocross fans, Floyd was one of 25 athletes invited to compete in the Supercross Futures All-Star class on a 250cc bike. 

“It was surreal being amongst the best in the business with so many fans and people asking for your autograph. The stadium was packed every single night and it was just such a great experience.”

Floyd, now 20-years-old, started out riding at local tracks when he was six-years-old and by his junior year, he was traveling across the country and racing full-time. 

“I went to Chisum up until my junior year and then homeschooled to finish early so I could train and compete in motocross,” said Floyd, “it’s my career now. I wake up and go to the gym and track every day to train and be in the best shape I can be in.” 

Floyd explained that racing is one of the most physically demanding sports there is. While each racetrack varies in length, the combination of jumps and turns on dirt is hard on the body. 

Originally competing independently, Floyd was picked up by the Manluck Racing Team in 2018. 

“They had a rider who was injured so they called me to see if I would fill in for him,” explained Floyd, “so I went to Canada and now I am on the team.” 

Floyd now travels and competes at events throughout America and Canada with Manluck and says he is grateful to be on a team. 

“You’ve got to trust your equipment and team and the guys that work on my bikes are great.” 

He also says it wouldn’t be possible without his sponsors Manluck Racing, Maxim Honda Yamaha in Allen, Texas and Merge Racing in Thackerville, OK. 

“I’m very lucky and grateful for my team and sponsors. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible.” 

Now based in Denton, Floyd lives with John Short who is his traveling partner and racing pro. In his spare time, he travels back to Paris to visit his mom and watch his brother who plays football for Chisum. 

So, what’s next for the now supercross ranked rider? Well, he is gearing up to get back on the road after several months off due to a broken wrist. 

“There’s been plenty of broken bones,” laughed Floyd, “but that’s part of it and that’s why I take staying in the best shape I can be in very seriously.” 

Floyd said he never imagined he’d be living his dream traveling the country competing and encourages everyone to never give up on their dreams. 

“If you really want something you have got to believe in yourself with all you have. Don’t be scared to go for it. Anything you want to do is possible.” 

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