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HOWDY FOLKS: State Fair of Texas kicks off at Fair Park

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Despite what the calendar says, Texans know that fall doesn’t “officially” begin until Big Tex issues his first “Howdy Folks” at the State Fair of Texas

Today, Big Tex officially welcomed fair-goers and is ready to greet each guest as they wander through the park enjoying rides, shows and live music. 

Since its establishment in 1886, the State Fair of Texas has promoted Texas agriculture, education, and community involvement through quality entertainment in a family-friendly environment. As a nonprofit organization, the Fair advocates for the community and is committed to preserving Fair Park – building on its legacy as a National Historic Landmark.

At 24 consecutive days, the fair is the longest-running in the nation, as well as one of the largest. Through its rich and lengthy history, it remains evident that the State Fair serves not only as an annual celebration but as a unique destination that brings people from all walks of life together to create lifelong memories.

Dozens of events happen daily throughout the fair, so you’ll need to prioritize what to check out before that next deep-fried something. Not only can you indulge in your favorite fair delights, remember that Big Tex offers a huge range of options to suit just about everyone in the family. 

Be sure to pick up a new map on your way in which shows the vast number of activities and shows available at the park this year, including exhibits showcasing the Dallas Police Mounted Unit and the Casa de Chocolate,and activities featuring pig races and stunt dog shows, live music on FIVE different stages, and a wide variety of food options.

This year’s line up will see a variety of artists take the mic on one of the five stages. Musical guests include Rick Springfield, Daughtry, Billy Ray Cyrus, and 98 Degrees. 

If you’re planning to take on the big Texas State Fair it would be worth your time to go to the website and purchase family packs that offer food and ride discounts. Don’t forget you will have to pay for parking that will cost $20 this year. 

But after all is said and done, the State Fair encourages all who visit to take plenty of photos showcasing your day out at the fairgrounds. 

Besides not overindulging on fried food, there are about a dozen tips police and the State Fair of Texas are passing along.

They are as follows:

  • To avoid traffic during big events, ride the Dart Rail.
  • Take a photo of your child when you first arrive. If they get lost or separated, you will have a current photo to show officers.
  • If you lose or find property, be sure to go to the lost and found. It is located inside the State Fair of Texas.
  • Officers will be in police stands and walking throughout the State Fair. If you see something, say something. Report suspicious bags or packages to officers.
  • Prevent auto theft and break-ins at the State Fair of Texas by Locking your car, Taking your items with you, and Hiding those items you can’t take. Be Proactive!
  • Have a meeting place picked out in case you get separated from your party. Big Tex Circle is a recommended spot.
  • Be sure to have your mobile devices charged.
  • Make sure your child knows your name and phone number in case they get lost.
  • Let your kids know it’s okay to ask an officer for help if they do get separated from you.
  • There will be lots to do and see at the State Fair. Plan accordingly and wear comfortable shoes. Check the weather so that you can dress appropriately.
  • Remember, if drinking alcoholic beverages, drink responsibly. We want to make sure everyone have a good time and get home safe.

For more information on the State Fair of Texas, click here 

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