Home LOCAL NEWS Sisters honor their brother and local law enforcement || ‘Hometown Guardians – Courage, Strength, Honor’.

Sisters honor their brother and local law enforcement || ‘Hometown Guardians – Courage, Strength, Honor’.

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Last year, during Police Appreciation Week, 11-year-old Cassie Coco came home from school devestated after she wasn’t allowed to be in a school picture to support local law enforcement.

“The school was taking photos and Cassie had a ‘I’ve got your 6 – Back The Blue’ shirt on but because it wasn’t blue she wasn’t allowed in the photo,” said Cassie’s mom Mikki Coco. 

Cassie’s older brother, Hunter Sanders is a Deputy with the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office and her mom said all she wanted to do was show her support for her brother.

“She came home upset and mad because she loves her big brother and that was her way of showing her support.” 

That’s when Cassie and her little sister, Kilea came up with the idea to make a flag and presented it to the Sheriff’s office.

“I just want to show support for my brother and local law enforcement,” said Cassie. 

The girls did some research and came up with the design for the flag that they felt fit with how they felt about their big brother and his brothers in blue.

Today, Cassie and Kilea presented the flag to their brother and the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office.

“In this day and time, it means the world to us that the community comes and honors their local law enforcement,” said Sheriff Scott Cass. 

“Seeing our youth today recognize and want to honor their police is just outstanding. We appreciate it and want to do the very best we can to make them proud.” 

Sheriff Cass said they’ll hang the flag where visitors and office can see the flag and read the words painted on it ‘Hometown Guardians – Courage, Strength, Honor’.

“A picture is worth a thousand words and what this flag will do is continue to show every officer who reads that they’re loved and supported.”

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