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Paris Police Department says “WHOA” to bullying

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The Paris Police Department together with Mini Hooves of Love and Chisum Elementary are saying “WHOA” to bullying.

Officer Curtis Graham has hosted many anti-bullying seminars but this one was different and that was the whole point.

“This event was all about being different and how it’s OK to be different,” said Graham. “We knew having the miniature ponies would get the kids attention and also being able to see the ponies are different is also something they could relate to.”

Monarch (a miniature pony) and Hero (a miniature dwarf pony) visited with elementary kids this afternoon sharing a very special message…“Just Say WHOA To Bullying”WHOA also stands for “WE HELP ONE ANOTHER”.

Officer Graham touched on all the different types of bullying with the children including physical, verbal, cyber and indirect/emotional and why it isn’t ok. He also discussed ways to stop bullying and how students can support one another.

“Being different is OK. It doesn’t matter what you wear or how you look, bullying is not ok.”  

Mini Hooves of Love miniature horses and volunteers are dedicated to providing therapeutic animal-assisted visits and have recently become involved with the “Say WHOA to Bullying” campaign. For more information, click here

Anyone interested in having the Paris Police Department or Mini Hooves of Love visit their school can contact Officer Graham at 903-737-4132.

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