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J. Skinner Paris Facility qualifies for $400,000 performance incentive payment

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J. Skinner Paris Facility qualifies for $400,000 performance incentive payment from the Paris Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) by maintaining newly hired employees

As part of a performance agreement that began on November 1, 2017 between J. Skinner and the Paris Economic Development Corporation (PEDC), J. Skinner was required to hire an additional 55 employees in addition to their already existing 133 employees and was not eligible to receive payment unless they met those goals through September 1, 2018. J. Skinner has met and exceeded these expectations since the start of the agreement and has qualified to receive the incentive payment laid out by the performance agreement.

Skinner creates and manufactures artisan sweet breads such as danishes and cinnamon rolls, offering its products in grocery stores across the country. J. Skinner’s home office is located Omaha, NE, and in 2012 the company decided that expansion to a larger facility was necessary to meet the company’s growth, goals and vision for the future. The company purchased the former Sara Lee Paris site in December 2012, and began production at the facility in Paris, Texas in June 2013.

Michael Paris, executive director of the PEDC says: “J. Skinner has shown themselves throughout the year as a company that is focused on growth. The former Sara Lee facility provides J. Skinner with a tremendous amount of opportunity for continued expansion, and their consistency with their newly hired employees shows their dedication to making Paris a cornerstone of their operations.”

“We are honored to have shown our commitment to the growth that we promised we would see when we signed on the performance agreement,” states executive vice president of J. Skinner, Shawn Bushouse. “We will certainly continue to maintain these employees through the coming years, but we also are not content with maintaining the status quo. We are looking forward to the opportunities that our continued growth provides for us here.”

While J. Skinner has qualified to receive payment under the performance agreement, the company will continue to provide employment information to the PEDC. J. Skinner is required to maintain their newly hired employees through October 2020.

See original press release here: J. Skinner Press Release

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