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Turnin’ Rust is making waves in the restoration industry, earns YouTube ‘Silver Play Button’

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If you’re into vintage car restorations and you haven’t heard of Turnin’ Rust, then you are missing out as the online show, filmed in Bogata, is putting Northeast Texas on the map. 

The award-winning series is based around local business Kravened Kustoms. Lance and Wyatt Bush are the owners, who are always searching for and ready to rescue old vehicles bringing them back to life and putting them on road once again.

“We restore them a little different than the typical car restorers. We try to incorporate the look in which they were found in by preserving the original rough look while doing an overhaul to the interior and engine,” explained Lance.

The duo scavenges the web as well as the northeast texas woods in search of their next rusty relic.

They buy and build on a budget all the while recreating and preserving the hidden patina,  giving each vehicle a unique story of its own.

At the beginning of August, the team was awarded the coveted Silver Play Button award from YouTube for officially reached 100,000 subscribers. However, by the time they had received the honor, they had more than doubled that number with having over 215,000 subscribers to their channel. 

“We have actually hit 215,000 subscribers, which is absolutely mind-blowing. THANK YOU!!! We know none of this would exist without you guys who take the time to watch, share, and comment on our videos. We started with one vision in mind, to create an automotive channel with no drama, cool barn finds, unique builds, and a family-friendly religious-based show,” said the show’s producer Wesley Blalock 

“We are so stoked for the future of Turnin Rust, as everyone on the team is 100% full-time now. We have big plans for season two and are working on opening a storefront at the main shop where you guys can come visit, hang out, and pick up some merch. Thank you guys for an incredible first year & half,” Wyatt added. 

So, how did the team earn such a prestigious award you ask? Well, Lance explained they owe the success of the award to a 1972 Opel GT.

“The funny thing about it is, we had originally never planned on purchasing it because it was in too rough of a condition. But at $200, we couldn’t pass it up. Though, we had no idea we were on the verge of a viral video that would reach over 13 MILLION people,” Lance said.

Before the release of the 1972 Opel GT video, the Bush boys were right around 35,000 subscribers. Within five days of uploading it, they had already surpassed 100,000 subscribers. 

However, it didn’t stop there with the numbers continuing to climb over 200,000 before the hype died down.  

“This was absolutely mind-blowing, we had just worked the last year and a half getting in front of 35,000 people and to think we now have a platform this large, is a little bit intimidating,” Wyatt said.

“We don’t just make videos for the internet, we make videos for 225,000 individuals that share the same passion as us in preserving old vehicles,” Wyatt continued to say.

The boys firmly believe they are in a position to inspire, entertain, influence, and teach people about old vehicles. Explaining that one of the best parts of this rapid growth seen is they can pursue this project full-time, instead of being just a side hobby to them.

So where do the boys go from here? Firstly their YouTube channel continues to grow as they are well on their way to hitting 300,000 subscribers.

“BIG THINGS!” Wyatt said excitedly of what’s next for them adding, “we are mostly known for our extreme and unique builds, that we put out in a 45-60 minute episodes on YouTube which showcases the finding of the vehicle, all the way through to the finished result.”

“We are currently ramping up for Season two of Turnin Rust, which will feature eight new builds on our channel,” Lance added.

For local fans, it may be worth keeping a lookout as you never know if you will come across one of the features builds cruising the streets of Paris.

But for now, they’re chasing their passion even further while still giving the past a future, saving lost dreams one vehicle at a time.

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