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Paris’ Eiffel Tower featured in Architectural Digest

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Did you know there are 16 Eiffel Tower replicas around the world? But our Eiffel Tower is the only one with a cowboy hat.

Architectural Digest recently featured Paris’ biggest attraction in a feature, ‘Visit These 16 Eiffel Tower Replicas Located Outside Paris.’

“Ask anyone if they know where the Eiffel Tower is located and they will likely scoff as they say the French capital. Ask them where another version of the Eiffel Tower exists and they will undoubtedly look at you with a confused expression,” said writer “Of course, everyone knows of the Eiffel Tower in Paris because it’s among the most iconic landmarks on the planet, with roughly 7 million people visiting the 1,063-foot tall structure each year. And it’s precisely because of its famous design that so many iterations have been made—a little more than 50, to be exact.”

He continued, “And while they all don’t exactly mirror Gustave Eiffel’s dream, they all contain a similar DNA, namely the grillwork arches with which the original has become synonymous. Here, AD rounds up 16 Eiffel Tower replicas around the world that were not only built after the original was completed in 1889, but were inspired by it as well.”

The story then features Eiffel Tower replicas from China to Australia, Pakistan to Mexico and our hometown, Paris.

Check out the full story here 

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