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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs the go-ahead on the Kelley Alert

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This past week Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that would see life to the ‘Kelley Alert’, which is an alert system for missing adults and considered similar to the AMBER or Silver Alert.

According to Fox7 Austin, the adult alert system would potentially be named after Dallas woman D’Lisa Kelley who was kidnapped and then murdered in March of 2014.

She was discovered in an abandoned home in Dallas’ Oak Hill neighborhood. Due to the circumstances that surrounded the delay of police departments to obtain a search warrant that would allow them to ping her phone she was not found alive; Kelley’s family worked hard to ensure that this would/could not happen to another.

The bill was said to have gone through more than one legislative session before it finally passed and was able to be signed officially.

The new system will serve as an official alert system for missing adults aged between 18 and 64-years old, and will only operate in Texas.

“Imminent danger” will be one of the criteria that the system will work off, and is said to be on a case by case basis.

The Texas Department of Public Safety will be in charge of issuing these alerts.

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