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Taco Bell brings stacks of $1 food items to their menu

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Taco Bell is planning to unveil its expanded dollar menu to save their customers money at the drive-thru.

The company announced it would offer 21 menu items for $1, including the return of the double-stacked tacos in nacho crunch, chipotle cheddar, and reaper ranch varieties. The double-stacked tacos will also be a part of the $5 chalupa box.

“It’s more important than ever before that we give fans the crave-able food they not only want, but can afford, and we’ve built our menu with some of our most innovative items from $1 to $5 to ensure there is something for everyone,” said Melissa Friebe, a senior vice president at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell’s website currently advertises eight items on its $1 Cravings Value Menu, including the cheesy bean and rice burrito, triple-layer nachos, and cinnamon twists. 

Taco Bell has proven the Cravings Value Menu continues to deliver for deal-hunting and thrill-seeking fans with varied value options available nationwide at participating locations.


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