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SCAM ALERT: Paris PD warns residents of multiple scams

by MyParisTexas
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The Paris Police Department is warning residents of multiple scams currently making the rounds.

“There are so many scam attempts going on, we’ve decided to list the ones weekly that seem to keep coming back up every now and then,” said Chief Hundley. 

In no particular order:

  • Calls from a computer voice saying there has been suspicious or fraudulent activity on your Social Security card and your card has been suspended. To talk with a representative, press 1.
  • Calls from an individual identifying themselves as a grandchild or relative that has been arrested and needing bail money.
  • Calls from Publisher’s Clearing house that you have won, but need to send them $248 to start the claim process.
  • Calls from the IRS that you need to give them your information regarding a tax return refund / payment needing attention.
  • Calls from a local law enforcement agency that you have warrants and to meet them at the courthouse to pay or go to jail.
  • Calls from the IRS that you need to pay or go to jail.
  • These calls use multiple different phone numbers that may show up on your caller ID. The phone numbers may even look legit. They aren’t. This is just a small sampling of the better known scams or the most recent we have heard of.
  • Your bank, a credit card company, the government or local law enforcement will not call you asking personal information regarding your account or trying to arrange for you to pay a fine or post a bond on a parking lot somewhere.
  • Please do not share personal identifying information or any financial information to anyone over the phone or on line.
  • Be wary of any on line advertisement for weight loss, Faith Guru’s, Home warranty Protection, even cheap printer ink and the like. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

“We now live in a world in which technology can do so many wonderful things and still have the unfortunate ability to take advantage of you,” added Hundley. 

Should you receive a call you believe is a scam, its best to hang up immediately and never give out any personal information.


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