Home CRIME Paris Police Reports September 26, 2023

A traffic stop for defective break light in the 200 block of E. Houston brought officers into contact with Amber Norwood. Norwood was observed trying to hide what the officer recognized as syringes underneath her body. The officer ordered Norwood from the vehicle and observed other drug paraphernalia as well narcotics in the area Norwood was seated. Norwood was handcuffed and taken into custody. A secondary search of the vehicle revealed open alcoholic beverage containers in the vehicle. The other passenger and driver were issued citations and released. Norwood was booked without incident. l

A burglary of residence was reported in the 800 block of Fitzhugh Avenue. The victim said that he believed his ex girlfriend had taken property from his residence. Victim had reported a criminal mischief to his vehicle several days ago and noted that today his home had been entered and numerous valuables had been taken including jewelry, shoes, and clothing. The investigation is ongoing.

A burglary of habitation was reported in 4000 block of Old Bonham Rd. The victim advised that he lives in New Mexico and that he had some relatives living in the house along with a friend of theirs. The victim/owner is in the process of selling the property and the relatives were to have vacated. Two weeks ago the property was unmolested. Upon the time of this report, the following items had been taken from the residence. Appliances, furniture, a lawen mower, tools, and a collection of sports cards. Water had also been left running intentionally, damaging the property. The incident is under investigation.

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