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New Year, New Look for Sun Valley Gas Station || Pit Side L.L.C at VP Racing Sun Valley!

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Former Paris Firefighter and owner of East Texas Auto TransportationBryan Whitaker along with his wife Krista are set to re-vamp the previously closed Sun Valley gas station along Hwy. 82.

“As a truck driver, I see a lot and have plenty of time on my hands to think,” said Whitaker. “I’m a hustler and an entrepreneur. I am always looking for something to invest in or start.”

Spending a lot of time in his truck for work, Whitaker has seen many gas stations on his travels but said only one has ever stood out to him.

“Just outside of New Boston Texas, there is a VP Racing Fuel Station and it always caught my attention driving past it,” said Whitaker. “I also noticed a currently shut down fuel station right on Hwy 82. and that’s when the gears started turning.”

The station was previously owned by the Wagnon family and was ran as a Phillip 66 gas station and convenience store but closed its doors in 2011.

“Once the Wagnon family agreed to lease me the small convenience store and gas pumps that’s when I contacted the VP Racing regional manager to see if this is a possible option for a store location.”

In December the partnership with VP became official and Whitaker is excited to give Sun Valley the fresh, new look, that is Pit Side LLC.

“VP racing is exciting, their innovators, they want to cater to the hobby enthusiast, whether that is racing dirt bikes or all out dragsters,” said Whitaker who is a race car enthusiast himself. 

Whitaker feels that Pit Side L.L.C. store partnering with VP Racing Fuels will be a hit as both racers and just your everyday customer will now have a place suitable for each individual need.

“Our goal is to be the one stop shop for racing enthusiasts or the everyday customer that just needs fuel and coffee on their way to work.”

Paris, Texas is home to the oldest operating NHRA Drag Strip in the nation and so Whitaker’s new station, fitted with VP Racings’ full line up of fuel additives and racing fuels, should be a hot selling point.

“We will have beer, wine, tobacco products, as well as snacks, soft drinks, and all traditional convenience store items available at Pit Side L.L.C.,” added Whitaker.

For racers on race night, the closest station to the drag strip is in Blossom or Reno, neither sell race fuel, and neither sell beer, nor wine.

“We can help the average consumer 7 days a week as well as cater to the race crowd on their night!”

Pit Side LLC. Is looking to open its doors come Spring of 2019. Pumps will be open 24/7 for both gasoline and diesel fuel.

NOTE: Cover photo is an early digital rendering of the store front only.

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