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Local videographers to nominate Paris in HGTV’s Hometown Takeover Contest

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On January 7th, HGTV announced they would be accepting video applications from cities across the nation for a full-blown “Hometown Takeover.”

Show hosts, Ben and Erin Napier aim to tackle an entire city highlighting and preserving historical architecture while emphasizing what makes the finalists’ city unique, fascinating and special. As the press release made the rounds word made its way to Paris residents who showed interest in the contest. 

Local videographers and owners of DeadCat Media, Broadway and Lea Emerson, announced today that they plan to produce a video that will nominate Paris as a contestant.

“We started getting bombarded with calls, texts, comments and private messages saying we should put together a nomination for Paris. We both have a huge heart for our community so it wasn’t hard to say yes,” said Emerson. 

Broadway and Emerson have both joined up to produce numerous community-minded videos in previous business ventures and this video will be no different. DeadCat has reached out to city officials, the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce, local business owners and friends to get input on what areas around Paris should be considered for the video application. 

“Renovating one house at a time is an awesome experience. But the chance to support an entire town, where we help bring a community back to life — that’s something we’ve always wanted to try,” said HGTV’s Ben Napier in a press release.

“There are already so many positive things happening in Downtown Paris and more and more people are jumping on board to help build and develop this part of our city,” said Broadway. “We know it could be a long shot, but we definitely can’t win if we don’t enter.”

“There have already been big moves made to help revitalize the downtown area and I think an opportunity like this could be an amazing jumpstart,” said Chamber President Paul Allen. “I’m excited to see Paris will be entered and have a shot at welcoming HGTV to our hometown.

The show, Hometown Takeover, is slated to air in 2021 across a six-episode special event. With your help, DeadCat hopes to capture the essence of Paris and show HGTV that Paris, is always a good idea.Check out how you can help on their Facebook Page, click here.

Click here to read HGTV’s press release. https://www.hgtv.com/shows/home-town/ben-and-erin-take-home-town-on-the-road-in-new-hgtv-series-home-town-takeover

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