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The BIG baby gender reveal: how did you do it?

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Everyone wants to know…is it a boy or a girl??

That question is no longer simply answered by parents-to-be but instead announced or revealed.

From simple parties with a blue or pink colored cake to more extravagant events with smoke bombs, gender reveal parties are quickly becoming more and more popular.

Kristin LaRue has been a photographer for the past 10 years in the Paris area and she said it’s only been in the past two or three years that gender reveals have become a “thing”.

“Pregnancies used to be solely focused on the mom-to-be, and gender reveals have changed that, and have made it more of an exciting way to include surrounding family members and allow them to be a part of the pregnancy, too! I’m a firm believer that each and every baby is a blessing, and should be celebrated… why not start early?” LaRue added.

From sweet ‘n’ simple to the utterly dramatic, keep scrolling to see some of our favorite local gender reveals.


Colored smoke seems to be all the rage lately, with everything from smoke bombs to baseballs filled with colored powder and even burnout packs.

Yes, you heard us correctly…burnout packs.

Kristin LaRue recently captured a ‘smoke bomb’ gender reveal with two Paris locals.

“The doctor and I were the only ones who knew the gender of the baby and it was very special to be there to photograph that moment,” said LaRue.

Capturing moments like this have also grown in popularity over the years, with many hiring a photographer for not only gender reveals but pregnancy (and birth) shoots and of course, newborn photos.

Smoke bombs are available online starting as low as $3.00.

If you love baseball, this home run reveal is a must-do. Cute jerseys and a smashing hit are all you need to score a pink or blue burst to find out what your new baby will be.

Derek and Ashlyn Jones hit a home run with their gender reveal, including matching jersey’s and taking the whole family down to the local baseball fields.

“We announced our pregnancy by broadcasting that we were adding another member to the team, and we did it baseball style,” said Derek.

“Baseball has been one of my passions my whole life, so I just thought it would be an appropriate way to announce the gender of one of our passions.”

Gender reveal baseballs are typically between $10-$20.

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie or a lover of horsepower intertwined with a love for cars, then this gender reveal might just be for you.

Burn out packs will sure get things really revved up at your gender reveal.

Local parents-to-be, Angel Acosta and Maddison Hines chose to do their gender reveal with the “burnout” pack, calling it ‘Heels or Wheels’

Yes – “burnout” packs can be used on any vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, side-by-side…another you can do a burnout with.

With Angel being a big dirt bike and motorcycle fan it only seemed appropriate.

“His hobby is finding, buying and fixing bikes, so what better way to announce the gender than with a burnout pack and motorcycle,” said Maddison.


Just because these gender reveal ideas are low maintenance, doesn’t mean they’re any less special.

Here are our ‘Top 5 Simple Gender Reveal’ ideas: 

  1. CAKE – Everyone LOVES cake!! And it doesn’t get much simpler than a cake filled with pink or blue candy or icing.
  2. PINATA or BALLOON – This idea is simply smashing: a piñata or balloon that explodes with pink or blue confetti.
  3. SILLY STRING – You’ll have everyone laughing as the parents get covered in colored silly string. Cheap but fun.
  4. WHAT’S IN THE BOX? – Who doesn’t love to open a big box of surprises? Put pink or blue balloons in it and open your surprise.
  5. GENDER PAINT WAR – This idea is really BIG right now. Grab some pink or blue paint in a black bottle and get ready for war.

SOURCE: Pinterest

And finally, what is more PARIS than having your gender reveal in front of the Eiffel Tower…well, how about lighting up the tower pink or blue.

If you can’t enough of our quaint little town, then the Eiffel Tower gender reveal is a MUST.

Celebrate with your loved ones and watch the Eiffel Tower light up with your baby’s gender.

Contact the Love Civic Center for pricing and availability at (903) 739-9912.

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