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America the Beautiful: Local musicians cover American classic

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When local musician Tony Boss heard Joe Lewis sing at Reno’s Summer Festival last weekend, he hoped to capture his mesmerizing voice on video.

“Joe Lewis is well-known for performing locally,” said Boss. “His voice is so powerful, especially live.”

The two have known each other for many years, however, it was in that moment Boss knew now was the time they needed to get together into the studio.

“I met Joe several years ago while playing for Prairiland High School’s Legends fundraiser. He sings the final song for this every year. I also knew him from visiting his church and from when he used to work at Office Max here in town,” he said.

Boss, who teaches music at Justiss Elementary School, said with everything going on in the country, ‘America the Beautiful’ seemed like the perfect song to give people hope.

“Listen to the lyrics.”

When the duo got together in the studio this week, it took all but one take to record and film the video that has now been shared on social media dozens of times.

“Joe came in and recorded this song in one take with no warm up or anything. He is amazing. It took maybe another hour or two to mix the audio and video. I also drove around town the night before to get some extra video footage at the Veteran’s Memorial and of the big flag at the Toyota dealership.”

Whilst in the studio, Lewis also recorded a gospel song that Boss said he plans on releasing in the near future.

“I’m looking forward to working with him more, so stay tuned to Boss Entertainment on Facebook and YouTube.”

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