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Night of Family Literacy Unites Panther Community

by Jamy Wyatt
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In a heartwarming display of unity and a shared passion for reading, more than 75 families gathered for a Night of Family Literacy, hosted by our beloved Panthers and Pantherettes.

On a delightful Monday evening, students eagerly assembled at the James A Dawson Athletic Facility, where a world of literary treasures awaited them. Each student had the privilege of selecting a book to call their own, marking the start of an unforgettable night.

The spirit of camaraderie was palpable as the students carried their chosen books to various stations around the facility, where cheerleaders, football players, and volleyball players from our Panther family awaited them. The magic happened as young readers and athletes came together to explore the pages of their books. With each page read, the athletes left their mark by autographing it, creating cherished keepsakes for the children.

The climax of the evening was a heartwarming scene as families gathered to capture memories in front of the iconic panther head, a symbol deeply rooted in our football tradition. It was a moment of pride and togetherness for our community.

The Night of Family Literacy was made even more special with the generous support of the Credit Union of Texas, which provided complimentary burgers and hot dogs, adding a delicious touch to the festivities.

Macon Cannada, a PreK student, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “I hope they do it again because I loved all the different people reading to me.” He also expressed his excitement about the presence of the Panther head.

Addison Cooper, a sophomore volleyball player, reflected on the event, saying, “One of the best parts was getting to watch the kids’ faces light up with smiles while my two teammates and I each took turns reading a page to them.”

The Night of Family Literacy was a testament to the power of reading and community bonding. It left a lasting impression on all who attended, inspiring a love for reading and fostering stronger ties within our Panther family.

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