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MyParisTexas.com bi-weekly newspaper to suspend publication during coronavirus outbreak

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The ownership and management of MyParisTexas.com Bi-Weekly Newspaper have suspended publication of the twice-monthly publication citing an ongoing concern for public health and prevention of the coronavirus spread.

James Wyatt, owner of 1st Street Media and publisher of MyParisTexas.com Bi-Weekly Newspapers said, “It simply does not make sense to tell people to go into major retail outlets or convenience stores and ask them to pick up and handle newspaper racks and papers while all this is going on.”

The paper began over eight months ago as a printed counterpart to the Myparistexas.com news website. The paper was never intended to be a breaking news or daily publication but, a bi-weekly roundup of features and stories about and for our communities in Lamar County.

See the entire press release below:

The ownership and staff of MyParisTexas.com place great emphasis on the importance of our community’s health and wellbeing. In these unprecedented times, it seems irresponsible to our readers to encourage them to venture into the public and ask them to pick up printed newspapers. Simply handling newspaper racks and papers could carry potential health risks.  

Therefore, effective immediately 1st Street Media will suspend publication of the MyParisTexas.com Bi-Weekly Newspaper until that time it is deemed safe to resume. 

 Financially, it will mean a setback for our company but, we could not in good faith tell advertisers that paper readership was seeing an increase during this situation. We can assume, people are not out “on the town” picking up newspapers. The “paper” was a counterpart to our website, myparistexas.com, and was never intended to be a daily or weekly publication but, simply a round-up and review of stories for the people and about our communities in Lamar County. 

 Our entire staff is working hard to keep you updated on all the latest information you need to know and now more than ever we know you rely on us to be your trusted and respected news source with no media agenda and no liberal bias. Local breaking news is the realm of our online news website, myparistexas.com and now our resources and staff are even more focused on delivering you the very best product possible. 

 In fact, as this situation has progressed our website, myparistexas.com has seen unprecedented readership. We have consistently seen the highest “engagement numbers” (the number of times people have engaged with our posts through likes, comments or shares) when compared to all other local online media outlets. Our audience is active and continually returning to our website and Facebook pages for the latest information at the local level throughout the day. 

 On behalf of the myparistexas.com, I want to thank you for allowing us to be your trusted friend in local media. 

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