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Local dance moms and students campaign to find stolen studio trailer

by MyParisTexas
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Not being able to dance and compete due to the COVID-19 pandemic has left many local dancers devastated but now one Paris dance studio has been hit with another hard blow after their studio trailer containing props was stolen. 

“If it’s not bad enough we haven’t been able to go to competitions this season…now this,” said owner of Britney’s Steppin Out Dance Studio Britney Drake. “We are heartbroken but not giving up in finding our trailer.”

Drake said the 24-foot black trailer with license plate 966-071J was parked out the back of their studio, located at 3354 NE Loop 286 in Paris, and was stolen sometime Monday night. 

“Our girls will not get to go to Nationals at the end of July now because all our props and costumes were in the trailer,” said Drake. “But my dancers are fighting back with their campaign to help find our trailer.” 

Now, dance moms have started an online campaign to help spread the word about their stolen trailer in the hopes it will be found or returned. 

“You stole my chance to be a National Champion #BSODSTrailer Please give it back,” reads a sign held up with a BSODS dancer. 

“You didn’t just take my trailer, you took my solo props and my team’s props. You stole our dance season!! Please bring it back.” 

Drake said the stolen trailer has been reported to the Paris Police Department and they are currently waiting on video surveillance to be turned in.

However, she further stated that if the trailer is returned (undamaged) they will not press charges. 

“They stole from the kids, not the studio,” said Drake. “These kids are my babies. Steal from me all day long but steal from them and we have a problem.”

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