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Former City Manager to receive over $114,000 after agreement is reached

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The former City of Paris, city manager John Godwin is set to receive a large payout after he and the City came to an agreement.

After Godwin was put on suspension in mid-August, he had initially requested a public hearing on the matter. The hearing never came to fruition, as both parties came to an agreement which will see the City pay out over $114,000 to Godwin.

When it comes to salary and benefits the official document reads, “Godwin will be paid his regular wages through this date of resignation, net of applicable income tax withholding.”

The ‘Separation Agreement and General Release,’ also broke down the separation benefits that Godwin would receive.

“Upon Godwin’s resignation and execution of this Agreement Godwin will also be paid “Separation Benefits.”

Separation Benefits will consist of:

A. A lump sum cash payment of all accrued and unused vacation leave, which will be in the amount of Twenty Six Thousand, Three Hundred and Seven Dollars and 83 Cents($26,307.83, reduced by applicable income tax withholding, Godwin’s TMRS contributions, and all other legally required payroll deductions.

B. For a period of six months, beginning on the effective date set forth in paragraph below, the City will pay Godwin a monthly cash payment in the amount of Six Hundred Seventeen Dollars and Fifty-three cents($617.53) representing the cost of continuing health insurance coverage under COBRA.”

Also, Godwin will receive a full wage from the City but must work at, “his home or such other places as he may choose, but only at the written request of the Mayor or Acting or Interim City Manager, at duties commensurate with his experience.”

The agreement further states that Godwin is to be made available at any given notice of a request to immediately aid the City in any manner to which is prevalent to his former job, only now as a consultant.

Not only has the City stated recently that it could cost upwards of $25,000 in search for a new city manager, but they are also paying the former city manager his wages from Aug 19, 2019, through till Feb 19, 2020.

Interim City Manager Gene Anderson said the cost of finding a new city manager is just a small drop in the bucket considering the Citys’ $24 million budget; the cost won’t affect the current or future budgets he predicted.

With the combined lump sum payments of $26,307.83, $617.53 added to the wage Godwin will receive between Aug 19, 2019, and Feb 20, 2019; Anderson said the total amount would equal $114,329.83 to which Godwin will receive.

Anderson also said they hope to have found a new city manager by January of the new year which would help in keeping the costs low in the search to find Godwin’s replacement.

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