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Deputies save children from vehicle suspended over creek

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Two quick-thinking Lamar County Sheriff’s Office Deputies came to the rescue of two young children on Sunday morning who were trapped in a vehicle suspended over a creek with a 10ft drop to the bottom. 

According to reports, dispatchers received a call of an intoxicated driver shortly before 6 a.m. who had wrecked his vehicle west of Hwy 19/24 near Daisy Farms. Whilst deputies were en route, the male driver then took his wife’s vehicle, who had turned up on the scene, which had their two young children inside.  

When deputies arrived on the scene, the woman told officers which way he had gone, and after a short drive what they found left them speechless. 

“When we found the vehicle it was wedged between either side of the creek banks due to the bridge washing away in recent rains,” said Deputy Huff. “There was roughly a 10 ft. drop to the bottom, which we really couldn’t see until afterward, but when we heard the kids screaming Deputy Vanderen and I knew we couldn’t wait another minute.” 

Using their batons and rope from in their patrol units, the officers worked together to safely and quickly get both children out of the vehicle unharmed. 

 “We tried to keep the kids as calm as possible,” said Huff. “They were scared and upset but thankfully they were restrained in their car seats. After crawling into the vehicle, I was able to use a rope to wrap around their body under their armpits to hand them to Vanderen.”  

Huff said the driver was not responding but thankfully the Paris Fire Department had arrived and was able to use a ladder to get the driver out who sustained minor injuries. 

“We definitely aren’t trained for this type of situation but we took an oath to protect and serve and no matter what we will do that. We had to get those kids out of that vehicle as quickly as possible,” said Huff. “It was definitely a team effort on this call and we are just thankful that it wasn’t more serious.” 

Lamar County Sheriff Scott Cass commended all involved for their quick-thinking in saving all involved.

“In these types of calls for service, there is a heightened response from law enforcement to get to the victims as quickly as possible and get them safe. I commend the Deputies and all involved for that quick response and doing just that. Deputies Huff and Vanderen, immediately after arriving on the scene, got the children rescued from the wrecked vehicle and returned them safe and unharmed to their mother.”

The suspect was apprehended at the scene and placed in the Lamar County Jail on a $13500 bond for Abandoning/Endangering Child, DWI w/child u-15yoa, Assault Causes bodily injury family violence.

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