Crockett Intermediate School starts Wildcat 365

Crockett Intermediate School has found a way to encourage students to continue in extracurricular activities offered at Paris Junior High School. Each month Art, Band, Choir, and Pre-Athletic Teachers will be choosing students in the 6th grade that have worked hard and have shown great heart for their subject. These students have put in the extra effort to become better and stronger.

Art – Za’Kynzie Cash and Zayden East

Band – Jeremiah Spoons and Katie Newberry

Choir – Brayden Savage and Crystal Sanchez

Pre-Athletics – Layne Hundley and Nevaeh Wilson

Students chosen each month will be awarded a t-shirt sponsored by Bobby Smallwood Construction, Meyer Computer Solutions, Paris Harley-Davidson, Ryan Lassiter – Edward Jones, and Wesley Meredith Painting.