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Chisum ISD Police Department continues to stand against bullying

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The Chisum ISD Police Department is continuing to take a stand against bullying with their online Anonymous Bully/Harassment Report and Tip Off Report tool.

“We did this so kids would feel more comfortable about reporting things going on, without having the pressure of worrying about someone finding out,” said Chisum ISD Police Chief Vance Boehler.

The program allows students (or parents) to remain anonymous and anyone can fill out a form.

“We understand that bullying occurs everywhere but we definitely want to encourage students to tell someone. We are here for the safety and protection of our students here at Chisum,” added Chisum ISD Officer Chris Palmore.

The information required is

1. Name of the student being bullied

2. Name of alleged bully

3. Relationship to the student being bullied

4. What campus are they on

5. Location of the incident

6. The date it took place

7. Additional details

You can make a report by clicking the link below, and then choosing the proper icon at the top of the screen.


“Our department stands against bullying.”

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