Carter BloodCare’s mobile donation bus will be at North Lamar High School on Aug. 9

Carter BloodCare’s mobile donation bus will be at North Lamar ISD on Aug. 9 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Donating blood is an easy, positive way to support fellow Texans in need of transfusions at all hours of every day. They include older adults with age-related health issues, mothers experiencing difficulties during childbirth, major accident and emergency patients, children with anemia, and many others who depend on an available community blood supply.

“Donating blood isn’t a one-time thing. Blood has a shelf life. It’s only good for about 42 days after we draw it from a donor,” said Clinton McCoy, director of mobile donor recruitment and regional operations for Carter BloodCare.

“So we really need people to take the time and make it part of their civic duty, their normal routine. Donate blood every couple of months, and then donate two or three times a year, especially at least one time during the summer.”

For more information about the upcoming blood drive at North Lamar High School, 3201 Lewis Ln, on Aug. 9, contact Kendra Waldroup at 903-737-2000 or email kwaldroup@northlamar.net. To schedule an appointment for the Aug. 9 donation, click here.

About Carter BloodCare

Carter BloodCare is an independent, community blood center providing transfusion resources to more than 200 medical facilities in 50-plus counties of North, Central and East Texas. The nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization is one of the largest blood programs in Texas, delivering more than 440,000 blood products annually to meet hospitals’ requirements for their patients. Services include collection, processing, specialized laboratory testing, storage and distribution of blood and blood products. Tu centro de sangre comunitario.

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