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“I just want my girl home,” family not giving up hope in finding Helen “Ashley” Hamm

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It’s been six months since Debra Parks Hamm last saw her daughter, Helen “Ashley” Hamm.  

“I just want my girl home,” said Debra, “We will not give up until Ashley comes home.”

Ashley Hamm, 35, was last seen in Leonard, Texas, on February 17 and since then any leads on her whereabouts have come up cold. 

“The Fannin County Sheriff’s Office has been very proactive in helping to find her and they still check out any tips or leads that they get,” said Debra, “she is not a runaway case as she has two boys that are her world.” 

While the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office originally opened the investigation into Hamm’s disappearance, the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office has since taken the lead and is working with the family to locate her.  

“More than anything we want to help bring Ashley home,” said Fannin County Sheriff Mark Johnson, “she is a mother, a daughter, a sister, and grand-daughter and we will do all we can in helping to find her.”

Johnson said after her initial disappearance, they sent out a search team to the last known area she was seen. 

“We had large groups of people on foot and others on four-wheelers and horses searching for her,” said Johnson, “we sent up drones and although we didn’t have any reason to believe she was dead, we also brought in cadaver dogs to search a pond.”

According to reports, Ashley’s boyfriend Cruz Garza (who is currently in the Fannin County Jail on unrelated charges) was interviewed but denies knowing her whereabouts. 

“We have talked to Garza about Ashley, however, everything he said he has been able to back-up with evidence on his cell phone.” 

Johnson further stated that at this time they do not have any evidence to believe he has done anything wrong. 

“He said that she left that night and he hasn’t heard from or seen her since.” 

However, Debra believes otherwise. 

“I may be wrong, and God forgive me if I am, but I still say the Garza family knows what happened to her or where she is,” said Debra 

Ashley is described as 5ft 7inches tall with shoulder-length blonde or light brown hair. She has a tattoo with 4 stars on her left ring finger and right forearm tattoo with two names written with arrows.

“We are begging anyone that might know the least little thing to please come forward because we will not give up looking for our precious daughter,” said Debra, “God will give us an answer and bring her home in His timing. So our faith is in Him.”

While it may have been six months since Ashley’s disappearance, Johnson said the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office is still 100% dedicated to helping the Hamm family locate Ashley. 

“We will continue to do all we can and investigate any leads given to us,” said Johnson, “we pray and hope she comes home safely.”

Hamm’s family has offered a $4,000 reward for information leading to her return and Crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward. 

Anyone with information can contact investigators in Fannin County at 903-583-2143.

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