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Woman arrested for making false report

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Crystal Gail Johnson, 35 of Paris was arrested by Paris Police Detectives for a class ‘B’ misdemeanor of Making a False Report after admitting that she had not been robbed on the WalMart Parking lot as she reported on May 28th.

The call of the robbery initiated a response by several patrol officers along with detectives being immediately assigned the case.

During the investigation, several discrepancies were noted in her account of the incident.

Detectives also checked video surveillance at the store which revealed that her vehicle was not even on the parking lot as she described and of course, no robbery taking place.

“Our officers recognize the trauma a victim can suffer during a personal attack which can cause some inconsistency in their initial recollection of events. The officers and detectives spent many hours on the investigation until it became very apparent that this event didn’t take place.  The fact that this incident created community concern for a criminal act that didn’t take place is not acceptable, hence the charges being filed,” said Chief of Police Bob Hundley. 

The investigation continues as to the motive behind making the false report.

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