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Who you gonna call? Turnin Rust takes 1963 Cadillac Hearse for a spin in downtown Paris

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If you happened to see old 1963 Cadillac Hearse driving through Lamar County last night…don’t worry your eyes weren’t deceiving you!

Local father and son duo, Wyatt and Lance Bush rebuilt the 1963 Cadillac Hearse with a Cummins swap for the LoneStar Throwdown 2019 and were filming a cinematic film last night.

“The Lonestar Throwdown is a huge show with 2,000 entries so we knew it was really going to take something cool to standout amongst the crowd,” said Lance Bush. 

The Turnin Rust team started the build at the end of December and finished just before the show; a 72-day period.

“While doing this we also captured the full build with Wesley Blalock on our YouTube series Turnin Rust,” said Bush. “From going to a junkyard, buying an old Cummins diesel truck to yanking it all apart and doing a full on build.”

While the team hasn’t had the chance to take the car out a whole lot since finishing the build, last night was the “her” first night out on the town.

“We thought the downtown area had a really cool look that matched the vibe of the car and how we wanted to portray it in our ending skit with all the cool 80s feel of the grand theater lights behind it.”

Turnin Rust added their own swing of custom Ghostbusters props including fog machine, custom lights, and flame thrower.

Turnin Rust is a YouTube series with over 32,000 subscribers and millions of views.

Small town business owners Wyatt and Lance Bush, team together to form Kravened Kustoms. A father and son duo scavenging the web along with the northeast Texas woods in search of rusty relics. While buying and building on a budget they recreate and preserve hidden patina, giving each one a story of its own. Chasing their passion, they’re giving the past a future, saving lost dreams one vehicle at a time. With the help from God, nature, and BlalocK Media…… These guys are Turnin Rust.

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