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Texans could soon be exempt from needing two license plates

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According to SEMA Action Network (SAN), Texans could soon be exempt from needing two mounted license plates.

Legislation (H.B. 2149) has been introduced alongside a Texas Senate bill (S.B. 805) which would align Texas with other states that only require a rear license plate for cars and light trucks. Texas law currently requires all vehicles to have a visible, mounted license plate at the rear and front of the vehicle.

This bill differs from H.B. 673 that would allow single plates to be issued to luxury vehicles only. Luxury vehicles would be those that are valued at more than $60,000.

H.B. 2149/S.B. 805 would not only save money and conserve resources for Texas. The bills would also preserve the aesthetic contours of cars and relieve owners of the burden of having to create mounting holes on bumpers.

“As a bumper manufacturer we regularly attend events nationally where show vehicles are on display,” said Bodyguard Bumper President Grant Mallicote. “We hear a lot of comments that would be in favor of a bill like this especially for those in the Jeep industry. There’s not an obvious place for a license plate because the bumper is so compact.”

Mallicote added to his comment that the opposition to the front plate is also about aesthetics in the automotive industry.

“I’m in support of the bill and hope that if it passes other states will follow suit,” said Mallicote.

According to SEMA Action Network, both H.B. 2149 and S.B. 805 are awaiting consideration in their respective Transportation Committees.


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