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“Stop the Bleed” kits now implemented for all Texas schools

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As the clock ticked over to the new year, so did the new Texas State law for schools to now be required to have a “Stop the Bleed” kit

No parent ever wants to think about a traumatic incident happening at one of our schools. So state lawmakers stressed the importance of House Bill 496 now requiring all Texas schools to place these kits in easily ​accessible areas, and include them in their emergency preparedness plans. ​ 

“When we heard about this new law, we [Lamar County Adopt-A-Cop] wanted to do our part to help make sure our schools were equipped,” said Adopt-A-Cop president Amanda Willows. 

From the initial thought to help provide all area schools, Willows reached out to Jennifer Mann with Signature Care for help. Mann not only ordered the kits but helped Willows deliver them all to the schools.  

“After I got the numbers together, we contacted Jennifer to see if they would help us put the kits together. She surprised us and donated them all,” said Willows.

“After receiving information on the new law in August, Russell Thrasher with Paris EMS provided a large kit, and Amanda Willows with Lamar County Adopt-a-Cop reached out to me and provided kits for all of the campuses,” said North Lamar ISD Police Chief Mike Boaz. “Athletic Trainer Cole Barker and I both became “Stop the Bleed” Instructors and began training staff members, coaches, police officers, and nurses within NLISD.”

In total, there were 44 kits distributed between North Lamar, Chisum, Prairiland, and Paris ISD schools.

“It seems to be a great new law to help treat students, staff members, or anyone that has any type of critical incident on a school campus,” said Boaz.

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