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REGIONAL: Animal activists plan protest at Hopkins County Dairy Festival

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A small group of animal rights activists is planning a protest at the Hopkins County Dairy Festival this weekend. However, locals are still encourging people to attend the annual festival that draws thousands each year.

Dairyland Protest and Outreach, an event created on Facebook, has generated a lot of interest and are stating they plan on protesting from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. this Saturday, June 8 at various locations around Sulphur Springs.

“Join us in the movement to end the abuse, rape, and torture that the dairy industry inflicts on these innocent dairy cows, bulls, and their children,” said the group on the event. “Join Texas activists for mass action against Southwest Dairy Farmers- the mobile dairy live milking demo that brainwashes children to think milk is healthy and normal. They are based in Sulphur Springs, TX where every year they have a week-long dairy festival with a parade, hot air balloon rally, dairy beauty pageant, milking contests, and more.”

The group urged people to “take the day off now”, and travel to the event in support of the protest. Going by the numbers provided on the social media page, the Hopkins County Dairy Festival may see upwards of 80 protestors.

However, if you delve further into the online discussions, it would appear that protest organizers looking to make an impact may run into a little ‘spilled milk’ as locals have become just as vocal in supporting the historic dairy festival and all those involved.

“What if…your opinion was just that…YOUR OPINION,” wrote one online user. While another said, “The Dairy Festival is an event that celebrates the Dairy Industry of Hopkins County…So protesters, please do your research before condemning an industry or way of life you know nothing about. If you want to help an animal, pick up every stray cat or dog and take care of them.”

Founded in 1959, the Hopkins County Dairy Festival is an annual celebration of the rich heritage that is seen in Hopkins County. The dairy industry began in the 1930s and continues to be the number one agriculture enterprise in the community.

According to a recent article from Front Porch News, “Sulphur Springs officials are aware of the planned protests. Sulphur Springs Police Chief Jason Ricketson told us this group has a right to a peaceful protest and they expect the situation to remain peaceful.”

But, be aware, the protestors are aiming to set themselves at different events throughout the festival and will be holding signs dressed as a ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ themed dairy cows as per their post on their events page on Facebook.

So you may have to ask them to moo-ve aside politely to get to your next fun event at the festival but don’t let them stop you from enjoying yourself.

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