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Paris Police Department launches new community policing program, Video Sentinel

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Video camera security systems are becoming a more and more widespread feature of American life. There are more security video systems being installed in residences and business locations with Paris being no exception.

You may have such a security system in use.

If your system has cameras which may take in views of public streets or places, the police department needs your help.

“Valuable resources are spent by our officers locating surveillance footage near a crime scene,” said Chief Hundley. “Even more difficult and time-consuming for officers is when a vehicle is used in the commission of a crime.

The Paris Police Department is asking our community if they have a camera in their system which points to a public street or area, or just a portion of a public area to join their new community policing program, Video Sentinel.

There is a registration form on the city of Paris Police Department website, which will provide an opportunity to provide assistance to your police department. The website is www.paristexas.gov. Navigate to the police department, community policing page for more information on the program.

“Our officers will not contact registrants unless they are investigating an incident which occurred in their area which may have recorded the incident, or a suspect or vehicle passing by.”

These videos could actually help solve a crime!

The registration is on-line, easy and the registrant will receive a letter confirming that we have the information and what to expect.

“Please consider sharing this information with us, again we will only contact you if there is a crime involved.”

Any questions about the program can be directed to Officer Curtis Graham, 903-737-4137 or by e-mail at cgraham@paristexas.gov.

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