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Paris ISD launches 3rd annual ‘STUFF the BUS’ Thanksgiving competition

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With the Downtown Food Pantry launching its Annual Stuffing Drive last week, Paris ISD kicked off its 3rd Annual ‘STUFF the BUS’ Thanksgiving competition to help collect stuffing. 

“This year campuses (students and staff) will be competing against each other in a Stuffing Competition,” said the school district. 

Each school will be collecting stuffing to donate to the Downtown Food Pantry with a goal of 2,750 boxes. 

The winning campus will get to take possession of the coveted Traveling Turkey Trophy for a whole year.

Currently, Paris Junior High holds the trophy. 

However, it didn’t take long for Aiken and Crockett to get onboard taking to social media asking for help. 

Aiken reached out to all parents in the school to donate boxes of stuffing so they can be a contender in the friendly challenge. 

#AikinFamily! Help us “STUFF THE BUS!” with stuffing for our friends at the Downtown Food Pantry!! Bring your boxes of stuffing and turn them into your teacher – let’s see if we can bring that trophy home to Aikin this year,” the school posted on their Facebook page. 

Crockett has already started collecting boxes also, posting a photo to social media on Monday. 

“Crockett students and staff are collecting stuffing to donate to the Downtown Food Pantry. If you’d like to help us, drop your stuffing off at 655 S Collegiate Drive,” said the school. 

The competition runs from Oct. 28 through Nov. 8 and the bus will be collecting all the stuffing on Nov. 11. 

The winners will be announced on Nov. 8.

To help your fellow county citizens this Thanksgiving enjoy the famous bird and with all the trimmings, why not get a collection challenge going with friends and help the Downtown Food Pantry ensure everyone enjoys a good holiday feast. 

PHOTO: Crockett Intermediate School Officer Jordan with students Kandance Jackson and Somara Hernandez

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