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North Lamar ISD offers refund on yearbook after controversial content

by MyParisTexas

North Lamar ISD released a statement earlier today via social media with regards to alleged backlash over this year’s High School Yearbook.

The statement released by Interim Superintendent Kelli Stewart said,” Our common vision for the North Lamar High School yearbook is to afford all high school students and their families with an annual publication which records, highlights and commemorates the past year.”

Further down the statement then says,” Regrettably, this year’s NLHS’ yearbook contained certain content that some purchasers consider divergent from our yearbook’s mission. After seeing the high school yearbook for the first time, and after numerous phone calls and emails of concern, I am offering any student or family a full refund if he/she chooses.”

It is unclear what the controversial ‘content’ that appears to be the crux of this issue is.

Attempts to gain clarification from Stewart was unattainable at the time of this article post.

However, comments on the original thread that appears on the NLISD Facebook page, seems to speculate something of a political nature.

“Our high school students have been busy in the classroom, on the stage, in the athletic arena and UIL competitions during this school year. Our students continue to excel and make us proud in all their endeavors. While challenges inevitably surface, together we will navigate through and overcome them. The expectations for future yearbooks will be addressed.” Stewart said in the official press release.

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Dakota hudson May 24, 2019 - 2:10 am

You know I’ve realized this is a book upon memories but being staff photographer and seeing the hard work everyone has down and knowing the theme of this book and the objective I find this page to only be “objective” as you call it because students and their rich parents are not happy with change you cannot judge a person on who they want to be and what they want in their life. I feel that us as a school and as a community needs to have our eyes opened to the fact that this stuff is apart of life and as such is a memory just like any other in this book. I have personally worked my hardest getting the best possible photos. The person being harassed is the reason we have the graphics in the yearbook and the book itself. And the rest of the yearbook staff spent all their time and effort trying to put this together for everyone it’s not about the elite of the SCHOOL its about everyone. I rest my case.

Frankie May 25, 2019 - 2:50 pm

I am not of the elite class as you call it but if I had children at NL I would not buy this book. One instance is not jut Black Lives Matter but ALL lives matter. To me that is being racial to the other races. The transgender one could be taken as the school supports it and that is discrimination against girls and boys that don’t believe that way. Schools shouldn’t be taking sides of either the right, left or independent. This world is going down hill fast.

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