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Name a cockroach after your ex this Valentine’s Day

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Although most people are looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with their special someone and showering them with love and gifts, there are some out there that don’t feel the love for a former special someone, and this is where zoos are helping them out. 

El Paso Zoo last year offered the “Quit bugging me” event where you can name a cockroach after your former flame, and they will feed them to zoo animals. 

“This year, we are including animals from all over the zoo, such as meerkats, primates, birds, and small mammals,” said El Paso Zoo. “These animals will be receiving cockroaches over a 3-day anti-Valentine’s Day promotion starting Feb. 14 through 16!”

Zoo animals are regularly given enrichment to keep them stimulated, both mentally and physically. Madagascar hissing cockroaches are ethically frozen and delivered to insectivores as determined by the El Paso Zoo veterinarian staff. Insects are a normal part of these animals’ diets, in captivity or the wild. 

Not to be outdone after last year’s success, San Antonio is also jumping on board with the new Valentine’s tradition for lost lovers.

“Cry me a cockroach” is the name of their event. 

“You will be able to name a cockroach after your ex, and we will serve it up as a snack to one of our animals for only $5. If your ex was a snake, you can even name a rat after them, and we will feed it to a reptile for $25,” said the San Antonio Zoo. 

You will also receive a certificate that can be shared on your own social media pages.

“On Valentine’s Day, we will be live-streaming our ‘Cry Me A Cockroach’ feeding frenzy! Birds and reptiles from San Antonio Zoo will join in on this feast,” they added. 

To take part in either of zoos event or perhaps both …

For San Antonio purchase CLICK HERE

For El Paso purchase CLICK HERE 

And remember, it was best said in the hit movie The First Wives Club, “Don’t get mad, get even.” 


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