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Lamar County Jail passes 2018 inspection

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On September 25, 2018, Inspectors with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards inspected the Lamar County Jail for its 2018 annual jail inspection.

The result of the inspection finds the Lamar County Jail is in full compliance; meeting/and or exceeding all criteria set forth from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards with no deficiencies noted.

The Texas Jail Commission Inspectors verified and certified all operations of the Lamar County Jail; below are a partial list of those operations:

> Records /Procedures

> Kitchen management and Food Service

> Safety and Security

> Life Safety- Fire and Smoke Drills

> Health Services

> Inmate Grievances

> Detention Officer Certifications

> Cleanliness of the Jail

> Classification Procedures

The Lamar County Jail passed all areas of inspections with no deficiencies noted. Lamar County Jail Administrators, Captain Mike Hines, Lieutenant Sherry Jacobs, and the staff of the Lamar County Jail are to be commended for the exceptional job they are performing, and the continued excellence and professionalism in the daily operations of the Lamar County Jail.

“I want the citizens to know that their Lamar County Jail is safe and secure, it is clean, and being maintained in good working order. It is important to add that the cooperative efforts and the good working relationships from the Lamar County Judges, the Lamar County Attorney’s Office, District and County Clerks, and the Lamar County Commissioners Court are vital, as the Sheriff’s Office strives daily to operate the jail efficiently and professionally,” said Sheriff Scott Cass.

This continues to show the excellence that the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office strives to provide to the citizens of Lamar County in all ways.

* The average 2018 annual population at the time of certification was 155


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