Five-year-old’s giving heart leads to lemonade stand, donates profit to CitySquare Paris

For about two hours Saturday afternoon, those driving near the entrance of the Stone Ridge neighborhood witnessed 5-year-old Liam Armbrust serving up glasses of lemonade from his lemonade stand, in hopes of donating the profits to CitySquare Paris.

Liam’s mom Lauren, dad Dean, and little brother Paxton with Liam Armbrust.

“Liam is quite an industrious young man,” said CitySquare Executive Director Derald Bulls. “He is a great example with parental encouragement he can accomplish! We are so thankful to him for his hard work in very hot temperatures to help CitySquare. What a blessing.”

Ultimately, Liam’s Lemonade Stand made $600 that Saturday afternoon, and all the money was donated to CitySquare Paris.

“There is no better feeling than to see your little one want to give to other who are less fortunate and have such a giving heart,” said Lauren Armbrust, Liam’s mother. “Liam is a kind little boy who is constantly opening doors for others, and he just has a giving heart I can already see.”

Liam said helping others felt good. He said the serving others made him happy and that he is excited to do it all again.

“I hope he has learned that it feels good to give to others and God wants us to be servants to others and be the hands and feet of Jesus,” Lauren said.

Liam and his family recently visited Swinging for Success Virtual Golf Tournament on June 4, hosted by CitySquare Paris. Interested in CitySquare Paris’ mission, Liam asked questions about what the organization did and what it means to help others in need. His visit lead Liam to opening his lemonade stand.

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