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EDITORIAL: Introducing MyParisTexas.com Bi-Weekly Print Edition

by MyParisTexas
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The defining word for this project: Passion. That word fits perfectly with MyParisTexas.com Bi-Weekly News.

Merrian – Webster English Language Definition of passion: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. : a strong feeling

Welcome to our inaugural issue of MyParisTexas.com Bi-Weekly News. We began this project because of our passion for the community. 

Passion for our past and passion for our future. 

Passion to champion the positive and passion to call out the negative.

Passion to stand on what is right in our town and the passion to examine our faults.

MyParisTexas.com Bi-Weekly News and Paris, Texas will be built on passion and with passion all things are possible. 

We are so excited to provide MyParisTexas.com Bi-Weekly, a positive and supportive free publication for all things Paris, Texas. 

Over a year ago our website, MyParisTexas.com began as a “pro” Paris, Texas news website and this “print” publication is a logical extension of the popularity of that website. 

MyParisTexas.com has been and remains the fastest-growing digital news website in Lamar County. 

With this issue, we launch a new media platform which is another extension of our community-minded coverage that is already embraced through our website, myparistexas TV25, and our radio stations.  

We are in the starting block, the shot has rung out and our race has begun. We don’t race against others, we race against ourselves and we race with passion for the future of Paris, Texas.

The whole team hopes you enjoy this new venture we have begun and don’t forget if have any great local stories let us know by emailing us at info@myparistexas.com 


1st Street Media President,

James Wyatt


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