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Crazy House Christmas Lights || How the magical tradition began

by MyParisTexas
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With Christmas right around the corner and as the season finally moves into that of Christmas cheer, not many businesses show
Christmas spirit like that of Crazy House Western Wear in Reno, Texas.

myparistexas.com staff writer Preston Kines spoke to Mrs. Withers on when and why it is her husband Charlie decided to start this annual tradition of these lights that bring out the Christmas Spirit to all that behold it.

Starting way back in 1992, The Withers set up just two strings of lights, unfortunately, they were stolen shortly after.

However, fortunately for locals, this act of theft did not discourage them, and they kept on with their act of spreading Christmas spirit every year thereafter.

When asked why it is, they decided to start on this annual adventure of adding light and festive spirit to their city, Mrs. Withers stated that “We just love Christmas and we love Christmas lights.”

According to Mrs. Withers, her husband Charlie started on this year’s set up back in September, is a humble and dedicated man, despite the sometimes lack of help, he pushes on and gets the job done in time for the holiday season without any expectancy of praise or
reimbursement for his efforts; purely just his and his wife’s Christmas spirit and their love for the holiday.

The Crazy House Christmas lights trail is free and open to the public, with carriage rides available on Fridays and Saturdays.

With those that have hearts to give during the Christmas season, there is a donation drop off for non-perishable foods at the beginning of the trail that the Withers then distribute out to local shelters, and anyone that would like to humbly volunteer to assist Charlie in his future years of spreading Christmas cheer can call the Crazy House Western Wear Store Number at (903) 785-2100

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