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Cactus, Succulents and Air plants || Fall Decor Trend Alert

by MyParisTexas
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A new trend has sprouted this Fall and we can’t get enough of it…cactus, succulents and air plants.

Rarely can you walk through an office or home and not see a succulent nowadays, but the next big thing includes a plant that isn’t actually potted in soil.

“Air plants aren’t planted, they are just placed in holders,” said Cristie Kenny Ford owner of Bryar Patch. “People love them because they are easy to maintain and only require watering once a week.” 

Cactuses and succulents are easy to care for and offer maximum aesthetic rewards for minimal effort

“We have air plants placed in sandblasted grapevines, chollo wood, metal stands, shells, jars and more. They’re great centerpieces for a dining room table or even at the office.” 

Cristie with her grand-daughter, Bryar

This new fall trend has quickly taken off in Paris and Bryar Patch is the place to go.

In fact, so many locals have fallen in love with this trend, Cristie has requests for “pop-up shops” all over town.

“Plants have always been a love of mine and making these succulents and air plants are very therapeutic, ” she said. “In April when my son and his wife told me my upcoming grandbaby would be named Bryar, I immediately knew if I ever had a business it would be called Bryar Patch.”

Bryar Patch has a large assortment of cactus, succulents and air plants currently in stock, as well as, macrame plant holders, cork pots and birch bark lined pots.

“The beauty of all these plants are they are easy to maintain with some requiring watering weekly and others monthly.”

Prices range from $10 to $35 depending on the plant and stand.

Visit Bryar Patch on Facebook (click here) or email bryarpatchoutdoors@gmail.com

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