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Bogata Police Department receives donation that could save a K9’s life

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A nonprofit organization recently donated advanced medical kits to the Bogata Police Department that could help treat K9’s at a scene.

Bogata PD K9 Zeus recieved a ‘Buddy Bag’ which contains close to $300 worth of medical supplies, according to K9 Defender Fund.

Although, Zeus wasn’t the only officer to recieve a life-saving gift, his partner, Sgt. Dustin San Jule was also given a Naloxone Reversal Kit.

The department posted to their Facebook page earlier today, “The Bogata Police Department would like to thank everyone involved with the K9 Defender Fund for all of the hard work to keep our K-9 safe by providing a K-9 first aid kit. Thank you to the generous donors who make this possible.”

K9 Defender Fund said the donation came from Marie Braun who stepped up to make sure Zeus had the supplies he needed.

“The mission of K9 Defender Fund is to support K9 units within a public, private or government service related working environment by providing them with specialized equipment at their request,” said the organization. “These units lend direct benefit to the general population and are provided all specialized equipment free-of-charge through our fund raising and private donation efforts.”

Zeus is a 6 year old GSD who is certified in narcotics and patrol.

The K9 Defender Fund is a unique non-profit and 501(c)(3) registered organization that is designed to aid specialized K9 Teams, who in turn provide a service or services, to the general public. These K9 Teams are comprised within the units of: Military – Police – Fire – Search & Rescue

Photo: K9 Defender Fund

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