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Dominion Transitional Community – Community Informational Meeting

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Big things are happening an hour northeast of Paris, TX on the Red River as Prime Harvest Inc. prepares to launch the Dominion Transitional Community (DTC).

The Dominion Transitional Community (DTC) is a faith-based, non-profit, rehabilitative Parole Program for Texas Department of Criminal Justice offenders. 

“Our mission is to enrich our community through the empowerment of offenders as we train them in various vocations and incorporate them into the family of God. This Program will incorporate ongoing education, vocational training, and innovative Christ-centered and family-focused rehabilitative efforts,” said CEO Calvin Burgess.  “We will set expectations around commitment and integrity, not only related to work ethics and behaviors, but also to living successfully in community with others.” 

While work has been underway for months building the necessary housing, workshops, and offices on the 2,000-acre ranch, this Saturday the public is invited to learn more about DTC at their ‘Community InformationalMeeting.

“We are looking forward to meeting many locals who are interested in what we are doing here in north-east Texas and are excited to share more information with the community and answer any questions or concerns they have.”

Prime Harvest Inc. expects to start housing men before the end of this year and, in the future, plans to have both men and women in their rehabilitation program.

“Our goal is to empower offenders to re-enter society, prepared to work in their fields of expertise, guided by God’s Word to maximize their potential as productive members of society, and ready and willing to help others. By doing so, our surrounding communities are safer, with fewer victims of crime,” said Calvin.

There will be many opportunities for individuals, civic and church groups to get involved in this revolutionary activity for moral reform, both on-site and off-site.  If you’re interested in Prime Harvest Inc. and DTC, make sure you attend their Community Informational Meeting this Saturday, May 5th at 3 p.m.

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