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Turnin Rust to be featured in national Chevron ad campaign

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Local business Kravened Kustoms, along with their award-winning series Turnin Rust, are continuing to make waves in the automobile industry. 

Coming off the back of receiving the coveted Silver Play Button award from YouTube, the team is now set to be featured in a national ad campaign for Chevron

Father and son duo, Lance and Wyatt Bush recently spent a day filming at their shop in Bogata while also showing the camera crew around town. 

“It was mostly interviewing us in our shop along with shots of what we do, working on cars, finding them, etc., however, the crew also got footage of the Eiffel Tower and Veteran Memorial at the Love Civic Center as well,” said Lance. 

The ad campaign is for Chevron’s Techron High Mileage Fuel Cleaner and will be mainly an internet-based ad. 

“You’ll be able to see it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube,” said the show’s producer Wesley Blalock, “you’d also see it at Chevron gas pumps.” 

The team said the ad should be airing within about 4-6 weeks. 

“It’s an honor that a company like Chevron would even know who we are,” said Lance, “having a somewhat fresh channel with a rapid growing fan base has been a total blessing for us and now having the opportunity to team up with such a well known company like Chevron is an absolute honor to be recognized by them. It’s super cool in knowing that they also love what we’re doing and can put their trust in us to represent who they are!.”


Turnin Rust is a YouTube series with over 260,000 subscribers and millions of views.

Small town business owners Wyatt and Lance Bush, team together to form Kravened Kustoms. A father and son duo scavenging the web along with the northeast Texas woods in search of rusty relics. While buying and building on a budget they recreate and preserve the hidden patina, giving each one a story of its own. Chasing their passion, they’re giving the past a future, saving lost dreams one vehicle at a time. With the help from God, nature, and BlalocK Media…… These guys are Turnin Rust.

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