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Thanksgiving Day Tips for Energy Conservation

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Thanksgiving and cold weather will soon be here. During the holiday season there is typically a lot of additional cooking and guests in the home which increases energy consumption.

Here are some helpful tips from Lamar Electric to enjoy an energy efficient holiday.

“Conserving energy using these tips can help get the holiday cooking done without a big increase in the electric bill,” stated Jerry Williams, CEO of Lamar Electric Cooperative.

• Check the refrigerator and freezer doors to make sure they are clean and seal properly to keep the cool air inside. With many people enjoying all the food, the doors will be opened many times during the day.
• Use lids on cooking stovetop items. This will decrease cooking time and the electricity needed to make holiday foods.
• Make sure that the microwave oven is used when possible. It uses less power than a regular oven, creates less heat in the kitchen, and reduces cooking time.
• Check on food cooking in the oven by using the oven light. Opening the oven repeatedly causes the oven to lose heat, increases cooking time, and heats the kitchen unnecessarily.
• Choose the right size burner on the stove for a pot. A small pot on a big burner will waste a large percentage of the heat produced and the electricity used.
• Create a cooking schedule. Figure out what items will need to be cooked in the electric oven and cook as much of the meal as possible in it at one time. All food will cook thoroughly if there is enough room for air flow.
• Allow hot foods and liquids to cool before putting them in the refrigerator. Use a lid or plastic wrap to cover the food and place in the refrigerator after cooling. Uncovered, hot food and liquids give off vapors that make the refrigerator work harder.
• Wash dishes in the dishwasher. Wait until there is a full load and let dishes air dry instead of using the heated dry cycle. Save the hand washing for items that are not dishwasher safe.

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