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Starbucks releasing new line of flavored creamers nationwide

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Starbucks is coming to a home kitchen near you 

“The new Starbucks Creamers are the fourth product platform launched in a year as part of Starbucks and Nestlé’s global coffee alliance,” the iconic coffee company said in a press release on their website. 

It’s truly baffling to think that Starbucks hadn’t already released this type of product considering the industry itself boasts loads of variety and choices for coffee creamers. 

Three flavors are being released based on classic beloved drinks of the Seattle born coffee company. 

Caramel Creamer inspired by the Starbucks Caramel Macchiato that is said to taste like “sweet, buttery caramel with hints of vanilla,” per Starbucks.

Next is the White Chocolate Creamer, inspired by the coffee chain’s White Chocolate Mocha

Last but not least is the Cinnamon Dolce Creamer, inspired by the latte of the same name.

The true test, of course, will be once they hit shelves to see if these flavors truly mirror that of there original in-store delightfulness. 

“Today [July 22] announced the launch of Starbucks Creamers, marking this the first time the Starbucks brand has entered the refrigerated creamer category, a growing U.S. category, which is projected to top $7.8 billion by 2023 in the US*,” the release read and continued to state, “less than a year from inception to shelf, Starbucks Creamers are the fourth product platform developed since the companies formed a global coffee alliance in August 2018. The companies continue to drive strong momentum and deliver a premium coffee experience for consumers in the grocery aisle.”

Even with the impending release of holiday flavors such as the ever-favorite Pumpkin Spice, now is the time to stock the fridge to ensure you can have a Starbucks favorite at any time of the day.


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